Hand-Eye Training

Combines Weight Training and Hand-Eye Coordination Training

Fits in your Tennis Bag

Perfect to carry around anywhere you would want to train

Great Warm-up

Can be used for stretching or to warm up muscles


Long-lasting, durable aluminum alloy design to prevent breaking

Perfect your Aim

With a small surface area to make contact, TennisBat helps you develop excellent precision to consistently execute your shots

Standard Grip Sizes

Available in 4 1/8, 4 1/4, 4 3/8. 4 1/2, and 4 5/8

WhoUses TennisBat

It has been used by many top players and coaches, like Andre Agassi’s father, Mike Agassi, Nick Bolletieri and others around the world.

It propelled Alessandra Jordan, the TennisBat’s inventor, to the top of the USTA Rankings and top 200 juniors players in the world as well as earning her a full scholarship to Texas A&M University without having had any formal tennis lessons or coaching.

The TennisBat has been featured in several articles as well as at the US Open Kid’s Zone and The John MceEnroe Tennis Academy.

Training withTennisBat is smarter

  • foto Muscle Memory Repetitive swinging with the head-heavy TennisBat gets your muscles trained to subconsciously produce the same motion as second-nature
  • foto SWEET SPOT The Tennis bat is designed to the length of the center of a tennis racquet referred to as the “sweet spot” and is head heavy at 16ox (1lb) to encourage muscle development through repetitive swinging and training.
  • foto VERSATILITY A player can practice serves, volleys, backhands, forehands and every shot imaginable with the aid of the bat to hone in on a player’s hand-eye coordination and proper setup to hit a clean shot every time.

TennisBat Specifications

TennisBatDesign Is One of a kind

The bat comes with a sandblasted texture on the head to also encourage practicing topspin and mimic the bite of the ball achieved with racquet strings.

It is made of high quality aluminum alloy to guard against denting and a wrist strap to prevent losing grip of the bat.

QuickHelp FAQ's

Who can use TennisBat?

TennisBat can be used by anyone wanting to improve their hand-eye coordination, develop stronger strokes and being old/large enough to carry and swing it safely. We like to recommend ages 10 and up, depending on the size and body type of the individual.

How often should TennisBat be used?

We recommend using your TennisBat daily as a warm up tool and for hand-eye coordination drills, however we do believe in the recooperation of your muscles so make sure to take a rest day every week or every other week and we advise against using it for longer than an hour a day to avoid excessive musle and joint strain as is the case with all weight training devices.

Can I fit TennisBat in my tennis bag?

TennisBat fits in any standard tennis bag, racquet bag or duffle bag. You can also fit it in your backpack or just carry it in your hand to the court…it is more compact than a tennis racquet!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to any mailing address that allows American products! All international shipments are calculated depending on current shipping rates and are pre-paid by the consumer.

How long does it take to get a TennisBat?

Pre-Sale Ends September 30th and distribution is set to start by Novemeber 2018! Once distribution begins, orders are set to be fulfilled within 1-2 weeks for domestic shipments, 2-4 weeks for international shipments.

How much does TennisBat cost?

TennisBat is on Pre-Sale now for $59 and will be MSRP $119 beginning Novemeber 2018

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